You don’t need to be a scientist to know,

it directly affects your mind and body’s ability to function.

Learning and Memory

It’s like the original superpower.

When you use marijuana regularly you're more likely to have difficulty learning, memory issues and lower math and reading scores. Plus, the more marijuana you use, the harder it may be to learn. And the effects can last weeks after quitting.


Be as graceful as a swan.

THC in any form will likely impair your ability to drive, play sports, play video games, bike, or do other activities.


Have something to talk about at family gatherings.

Brain development is not complete until age 25. For the best chance to reach your full potential, you should not use marijuana while you're young.


Maybe stick with binge-watching.

Marijuana can become habit-forming. It's harder to stop using marijuana if you start at a young age.