What's Next For You?

Discover it. Do it. Share it.

Big or small, your goals matter. Don’t let marijuana get in the way.

Reach Your Potential

You don’t need to be a scientist to know marijuana directly affects your mind and body’s ability to function.

Marijuana affects everything from your learning and memory to coordination and potential.

Plus, your awesome brain is still developing, and will be until you’re 25 years old. Seriously.

Underage use can get in theway of what matters to you.

Control Your Freedom

Goals. Opportunities. Independence.

Financial aid. Extracurricular activities. Your job. Your driver’s license. Any of these things could be taken away if you use marijuana underage.

Why? Because you’ll be charged with an MIP (Minor In Possession), which doesn’t look so hot to your parents, teachers, coaches, employers or dream school.

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Protect What’s Next Adventures

Go on the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Learn how to turn your hobby into more than just a hobby with one-of-a-kind experiences and mentorship from experts in everything from astronomy to photography and more!